Benefits of Running


Participants and young people are competing in endurance events such as Marathon running which has steadily increased over the years.  Data studied of both demographic and socio-economic groups has seen a rise in running and how it has become an increasingly popular sport with events ranging from a 5K, 10K, half marathon to a full marathon for all ages and abilities.

The Marathon runner must adapt their lifestyle and training far beyond a recreational exerciser with demanding levels of physiological and psychological adaptations to push beyond their current capabilities.  However, training for any event will improve not only your health, well-being, sleep, social skills, confidence and self-esteem, but enable you to flourish in other areas of your life such as better life management skills, psychological and emotional strategies for coping with life changes, studying and taking exams as well as personal goal achievement.

As a teacher and educator I have just completed London Marathon 2019, raising funds for the charity MIND (Mental Health Charity) this is my third marathon and as a veteran runner I have improved both on personal performance and a faster post race recovery. I cannot emphasise enough the importance of engaging in physical activity.


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