This Outdoor Education workshop is aimed at professionals to include: coaches, teachers, counsellors, any practitioner who is involved in outdoor education and/or who wishes to learn more about this field.

Date: Saturday 10 June 2023 – 10.00am-3pm. Malvern, Worcester. Fee: £80

The day will consist of mindful walking, breathing awareness exercises, engaging the senses in the outdoors, insight into forest wellbeing, Pilates, Yoga and Tai Chi inspired activities.


The issue of children’s health has become an increasingly important topic in recent years.  The explosion in leisure pursuits such as computer games and television, combined with bad eating habits has resulted in a rapid rise in childhood obesity.  Children are now leading such sedentary lifestyles that serious concerns about how this will affect health later in life have arisen.

Aims and objectives are to give teachers and coaches an up-date on issues surrounding physical education in primary and secondary schools, at the end of the day teachers will have improved confidence in teaching a variety of physical education lessons based on the PE curriculum they may not have delivered previously, such as:

Imaginative activities based on dance and gymnastics, yoga, developing stretching programmes,

Walking and mindfulness as well as engaging children in fitness activities for primary and secondary school children such as aerobics, circuit training, how to integrate activities involving strength and conditioning into PE lessons appropriate for children aged 12-16 years old. 

The workshop will study components of fitness, barriers to exercise participation and how to overcome these challenges.  Sessions will also address bone growth and diseases of children and up-date a theoretical knowledge in this area, together with the importance of stretching and factors surrounding the flexibility theory. 

The course also comprises integrating children with special needs into physical education lessons.


Habitats & Natural Environments. At KS1/2 our engaging science lessons are conducted outdoors, utilizing the natural environment whilst developing the senses and curiosity in children in a natural setting. These hands-on lessons will keep children captivated and wanting to explore more in this field.

BIOLOGY – This interactive biology art workshop combines both practical and theory. Understanding the origins and movement of muscles and bones, the heart, nervous and respiratory systems whilst building in clay. This workshop is ideal for students studying at KS3/4 biology.


These fun classes explore the study of the earth, it’s physical features, resources, climate and the physical aspects of populations. Through experiential learning children will develop a fascination and enquiring mind with these lively, entertaining lessons.

Anatomy & Art

Chemistry – THE COSMETIC INDUSTRY This interactive hands-on chemistry lesson will teach students about ingredients which go into cosmetics, PH levels, identifying products, designing a brand.  Ideal for secondary students who are interested in the science behind cosmetics. KS3/KS4

Cosmetic Industry
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