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These sessions can be tailored and delivered for individuals or groups who wish to take their learning outdoors.


Erasmus Guidance Seminar – Dublin, Ireland – 6-8 November 2019

The aim of the seminar was to facilitate networking among organisations, experts and practitioners from across Europe in the fields of providing guidance and coaching. Key speakers delivered lectures of building resilience, coping skills and managing change within Adult Education and Vocational Education and Training). Learning objectives were to extend knowledge to those involved in providing services and provision whilst enhancing continuing professional development.

Leonardo da Vinci Project VET Education, Language, Culture & Work Experience in Tenerife Project No: 163059

Students studying Exercise Science, Spanish & Work Experience in Tenerife

Two Schools from Birmingham, 12 students and their PE teachers took part in a fully funded 3 week work mobility placement in Tenerife funded by Leonardo da Vinci. Sarah Grocutt, Project Manager applied for funds via Ecorys. The funding enabled students to study their vocational fitness instruction course, Spanish and undertake work placements in industry.

Students worked in 4 organisations to gain work experience in health, fitness and leisure.

“The Leonardo project has enabled me to use all my skills which I learnt, coaching tennis and martial arts. The experience has helped to develop confidence, manage money on a budget, improve my linguistic skills. I made friends from Turkey and Germany. These transferable skills will help me with my future career as I plan to study business and management at University”. Highly recommended.

As well as undertaking cultural activities students also had the chance to attend a lecture by Dr Javier, a local expert on altitude training, this gave us all an incredible insight into the psychological and physiological demands placed upon the cardiovascular system in high altitude training.

Students preparing for a hike around Mount Teide

Mount Teide (El Teide) is a volcano. Its summit 3,718m is the highest point in Spain and the highest point above sea level in the islands of the Atlantic. The volcano is part of the Teide National Park. The vegetation of Tenerife is diverse and the plants are unique to the Canary islands.

Mount Teide National Park

Language Learning

Learning Spanish on week 1 gave students a basic knowledge of how to get around Tenerife, the following weeks, Spanish was tailored to the individual students work placement.

Studying in a relaxed environment

“It was a good balance between free time to visit places of interest combined with work experience. The intense Spanish lessons at the Language Academy has given me the confidence to go and use my linguistic skills in shops and cafes before going on placement”. Amazing experience

Students Graduation

On completion of the work experience students received their Diplomas, combining work experience, references from business and schools and a ‘Europass’, a Certificate to show competencies and achievement gained within an international environment. To view video of project:

Project Education Award

The project won a highly Commended Award for the National Centre for Languages, with 100 applicants competing for this Award throughout the UK, this was an honour to receive and a presentation took place at Europa House, Westminster, London.

Sarah receiving Education Award

PREVIOUS PROJECTS: The Sport Institute of Finland

Sarah together with other international participants from the UK and Europe took part in a study visit to Finland. Arriving in a very cold Helsinki, the Capital, the city’s urban area has a population of 1,268,296 making it an important city for education, culture and research.

University of Jyvaskya

Sarah with the group outside University of Jyvaskya

The University was established in 1934, it is one of the country’s leading universities for education programmes. Areas of expertise include learning, teaching, physical activity, health and well-being, information technology, cultures and communities in global change. Lectures were also on the various Masters of Science and Education programmes.

The delegates stayed at The Institute of Sport, Vierumaki – a versatile centre of excellence for education, leisure and sport. A national coaching and training centre for physical education which develops high level training both at a national and international level. The study involved lectures from the Canadian Federation of Ice Hockey. The Institute works in partnership with HAAGA HELIA University of Applied Science.

The visit included trips to the Olympic Stadium, visits to schools to learn about Finnish Physical Education, research into sports conditioning, health and well-being and an insight into cold therapy rehabilitation.

The group had a chance to take part in a different activity every day to include Nordic walking, traditional Finnish sports and games, winter night swimming in the lake, night skiing all organised by the University’s sports science students.

SG Tutoring has hosted students from The Institute of Vierumaki, Finland to participate in an Erasmus work experience placement teaching dance and sports on summer camps for children.

Student Internships in Malta

Stage Malta focuses on student international internships. Having participated in various EU projects including life long learning, Erasmus +, it hosts students and teachers for work placements in environmental projects, hospitality, business and management, leisure, science, health and well-being.

Sarah with Maltese Host and Business Management Student

A student internship in a multi cultural global environment can help with work and life experience, gaining experience in your field of expertise by undertaking job training with professionals. Students also have opportunities to try the local cuisine, take cultural trips and visits and try Maltese sports and activities. Students receive a Certificate of Achievement together with business references.

Sarah left with colleagues from industry and education

Promoting Science for Girls Day – Light Hall School, Solihull

Students engaging in science experiments

This day was dedicated to promoting science for girls. The day comprised of teachers, businesses, lecturers from the University of Birmingham teaching on how chemistry can be applied to Cosmetic Science industries and an industry expert from Loreal.

Students used models and clay as Sarah demonstrated a practical lessons in building muscles of the human body and building them onto the model.

Being creative and applying art and science.
Human Biology can be fun and link in with many careers.

Health & Well-being

   Balancing Study & Health

Mindfulness is about focusing on the present moment, focusing on the hear and now, rather than tomorrow and what we are going to be doing the following week. Mindfulness has many benefits and can help with general well-being, stress from exams, careers and studying.  It has been known to help reduce depression and anxiety, reduce overload, physical illness, improve wellbeing and positive emotions.

Useful Tips for Mindfulness:

  1. Be non-judgemental
  2. Accept things as they are
  3. Notice thoughts and emotions as they occur
  4. Be fully in the moment
  5. Take regular breaks


Specialised tailored on-line lessons in mindfulness where you will learn about breathing, relaxation, posture together with exercises such as Tai Chi, Yoga and Pilates.  Lessons can be pre-booked and start at £30 per hour.  Contact Sarah at for further information. visit

Contact:  07967 482510


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