Maths Resilience

Maths is a vital skill, but many students often say “I just cannot do maths”, they may have negaitive attitudes towards the subject, maybe had a bad maths experience in the classroom or cannot see the relevance or value in the subject. Research and statistics show that those who have low numeracy skills are likely to find it difficult to gain employment.

Mathematics resilience is a term used to find strategies to promote a positive response to negative thinking or situations, which are based on many factors.

  • Belief and Confidence: Students need to understand that their ability in maths is not fixed and can be changed, that they can develop a growth mindset and develop maths skills in order to achieve and grow.
  • Perserverance: Students must understand that any learning is challenging and they need to put in the effort in order to gain the results.
  • Value: To recognise the value and benefits in studying maths, not only short term, but focusing on strategies for pursuing maths into the future in order to achieve their goals.
  • Working with SAG tutoring focuses on tailored, personalised learning involving coaching strategies and resilience for success in maths.
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