Future of Education – Hybrid Learning

Hybrid Learning

Why Hybrid Learning?

There are many benefits to hybrid learning, a mixture of both on-line and in-person lessons. The improved flexibility is extremely important in education, addressing inclusive learning which benefits the students with access to modern technology, students can now learn both remotely and in-person. A hybrid lesson adapts better to students learning styles, rather than just focusing on one form of teaching and delivery, for example if a student is an auditory learner they can benefit from recorded lectures via a podcast, whereas a visual learner can benefit from watching a video, use study notes and slides, re-watch and work at their own pace, gaining access to a wider range of resources and study materials, whilst undertaking their study at different times.

The advantages of personalization and a tailored approach addresses the student’s needs, improves their time management, IT skills and engages them with current and contemporary approaches to learning. In-person lessons can then engage students with targeted academic support from their teacher, this could be an assignment or collaborative project.

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